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Asmat Sago Bowl West Papua Michael Rockefeller
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Asmat Sago Bowl West Papua Michael Rockefeller

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Asmat Sago Bowl West Papua  1962 Michael Rockefeller

This stunning sago bowl was collected by Major Jim Campbell along with the Asmat head rest in 1962.   Major Jim Campbell was a 2nd Lieutenant in the 16th Army Light Aircraft Squadron. This was the same squadron who less than six months earlier was dispatched to the Asmat region to assist in the search for Michael Rockefeller who was a ethnographer and son of the prominent Rockefeller family in New York.
Many of the Asmat artifacts Rockefeller collected are part of the Michael C. Rockefeller collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The Peabody Museum has published the catalogue of an exhibition of pictures taken by Rockefeller during the New Guinea expedition.[12]
This sago bowl equally as good as the examples in the Metropolitan Museum 
These bowls are made for practical and ceremonial purposes. These bowls are used for a range of purposes the most common being for sago, sago grubs and other edible things. 
The trays are typically decorated on the bottom and sides as they are stored vertically on a lattice like structure.  The heads on the tray represent an ancestor.  It is assumed that these ancestors empower the food.


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