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Rainbow SerpentCentral Arnhem Land Fish and Turtle Bark Painting

Artist; Unknown, Western Arnhem Land, Stingray
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Artist; Unknown, Western Arnhem Land, Stingray

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Artist:      Unknown
Collected: Western Arnhem Land c 1960

Natural earth pigments on eucalyptus bark
67.0 by 35.0 cm (irregular)
Framed behind glass

Private Collection, Melbourne

The saltwater stingray is rarely depicted in works from Western Arnhem Land.  A similar example to this bark was collected by Charles Mountford in 1948.   Oenpelli where this work is from is inland and hunting trips seldom went as far as the coast which may explain why the stingrays a coastal animal is not often represented in the art from this region.

$3000 AUD

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