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Artist: JambululaArtist: Unknown (West Arnhem Land)

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Artist: Nanganharralil, Fred. (1938-1993)

Location: Milingimbi, Central Arnhem Land

Collected: circa   1968

Title: Crow Man and Praying Mantis

Size: 99cm x 60cm

This painting depicts the Crowman who was in charge of the fish traps where all the people would get their fish from.   The Crowman is holding a stick he uses in the construction of the fish traps and the Praying Mantis helps him construct it.   The fish trap catches the catfish and the bones of the catfish are considered the soul of the dead.   This all forms part of a mortuary ritual where it is believed that The Crowman and Praying  Mantis take the bones and fish trap up into  the sky , in other words the transporting of the soul into the after life.  They can still be seen today as star constellations.  The other elements in the painting relates to songs chanted for the deceased who was ritually connected to the Wagilag Sisters mythology

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