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Groote Eylandte Spear throwerRamu Figure

Artist: Mutpu
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Artist: Mutpu

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Artist: Mutpu

Collected: 1968, Millingimbi, Arnhem Land

Title: Garun the Turtles

Actual Bark size  72cm x 38cm  painting is framed behind glass

This painting depicts a Dreaming from the homeland of the Yirritja moiety. The place is called Gitang.

The triangle pattern represents the monsoon clouds “standing up” on the northern horizon, lungkurrma. The clouds and monsoons are said to be made by a Power Being of the Yirritja moiety which has the form of a snake.

As the monsoons approach, a species of fish called “guynkulu” , which jumps across the water like a skipping stone, comes in from the deep sea to feed in the shallows.
At the same time a species of turtle called “Garun” migrates to Citang to mate in the tidal shallows, and bury their eggs in the sandy beaches.

The monsoons are coming closer now. The clouds seem to stand higher and higher on the horizon. They become black, heavy with rain (black triangles) Rain pours down, and lightning flashes (cross-hatched triangles) When the storm passes by, the setting sun glows brilliant red against the fluffy white clouds ( red triangles )

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