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Massim Bowl late 19th century early 20th centuryArtist: Mutpu

Groote Eylandte Spear thrower
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Groote Eylandte Spear thrower

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Groote Eylandte Spear Thrower

There is a great diversity in Australian Aboriginal spear throwers or woomeras . Spears and spearthrowers have been used throughtout Australia with the exception of Tasmania and some of the islands. Their form however varies greatly. They were used for hunting, fighting and ceremonial purposes. For those unfamiliar with how they are used the spear thrower acts as an extension to the arm with the end of the spear fitting into the peg at the top of the spear thrower. The added leverage gives the spear more velocity making it more powerful, accurate and deadly. This fine example is from Groote Eylandt which is 50km off the east coast of Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory. This spear thrower is decorated with elaborate symmetrical designs. Fine parallel lines similar to bark paintings. These designs are totemic designs that can only be painted by the fully initiated male who belongs to the design. It is painted with natural earth pigments. Similar examples are held in the major museums in Australia Collected 1950s.

includes custom metal stand

70cm x 4cm


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