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Dayak Shield Head Hunting ShieldCeremonial Spear, Merauke Mission, Asmat Region, West Papua

Admiralty Island Spear tip 1950s
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Admiralty Island Spear tip 1950s

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Admiralty Island Spear tip 1950s

This spear head was collected in the 1950s by an Australian patrol officer who was working in the Admiralty Islands. The Admiralty Islands are at the north west extremity of the Bismark Achipelago.

There are a number of examples of obsidian spears from this region. The simpler form were used in fighting and were thrown or thrusted. The more elaborate spears with lavish three dimensional design were not intended for combat but used in dance or trade. The supply of obsidian is not always available so as an alternative these spears can be made with wood or stingray barbs. This example has is a large figure which connects the obsidian spear tip to the shaft of the spear.

Height from base of figure to tip of blade 57cm

$1200 AUD





































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