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Early Solomon Island Engraved NecklaceTiwi Sculpture by Puruntatamer

Fijian Root Stock ( Vunikau )   Club
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Fijian Root Stock ( Vunikau ) Club

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Fijian Root Stock ( Vunikau ) Club

Warfare in Fiji was a way of life. The Fijian’s produced what seemed to be an infinite array of the most equisitely sculptured warclubs. As collectors it is easy to appreciate their form, beauty and rarity, and forget how deadly these objects are. To fully appreciate these clubs it is important to understand the environment they came from. It is reasonable to assume with number of huge fortifications and highly specific types of weapons warfare was a day to day part of life. Without doubt the most readable and absorbing book on this I have read is by Fergus Clunie ‘Fijian Weapons and Warfare” which has recently been reprinted.
This first club is called Vunikau or root stock club. Like other root type clubs it is called after the root from which they are made. Some of the clubs are designed to slash and snap. Others like the Vunikau are for smashing and crushing.

This early example from the 18th or 19th century has a very finely incised handgrip. Often the decoration was added by a secondary carver after the club was finished. It was incise with a sharks tooth or teeth of other large fish or flying fox. Of course in the 19th century nails set in timber often replaced these earlier tools. The designs followed tradition and didn’t often vary although the quality of carving did. The classic zig zag line known as tavatava is often found on the hand grip and its function is to provide a non slip surface

Length 113cm

$2200 AUD

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