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Group of 3 Choiseul currency rings Solomon IslandsArtist: January Nanganyari

Fijian Totokia  ( peaked battle hammer )
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Fijian Totokia ( peaked battle hammer )

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Fijian Totokia ( peaked battle hammer )

These clubs tended to be family heir looms passed done from generation to generation. The clubs were designed to drive or peck a neat hole into the enemies skull. These clubs were carried by chiefs in life and death and were particularly favored for murder and skirmishes in thick bush. The heavy head meant a large swing was not required to penetrate the skull. They were also used on the battle field to kill wounded enemies and sometimes to beat social criminals. This fine example has a collection number 1883 stamped into the head. It is particularly fine example

74cm in length

Last Updated: Thursday, 22 February 2018 08:47