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Nuku War Shield, Torricelli Mountains PNG
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Nuku War Shield, Torricelli Mountains PNG

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Nuku War Shield

Wassisi Mission Station, Nuku West, Sepik Province, PNG

Collected by Father Regis c1960s

This shield represents one of the four styles of shields found in the Torricelli Mountains ( Aitape hinterland )  Nuku is approximately 60km east of Lumi. The people here speak a different language to that of the other three shield type areas and should not be confused with the better known Lumi shields. According to Barry Craig in “ Shields of Melanesia” there is only one other known example from Nuku which is in the South Australian Museum which was also collected by Father Regis in 1975.

This shield is from the collection of John Brogan who managed the Sepik Motel in the 1960's. Father Regis Smith was an Australian Franciscan Priest, who had extensive missionary experience in Papua New Guinea (from mid 1960's).

These shields were carried by a shield bearer who would protect the bowman who hid behind him.

Size 107cm x 67cm  

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