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Artist: ManawilaArtist: Magani

Artist: Manawila
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Artist: Manawila

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Artist              Manawila 1933- deceased

Collected        1975

Location          Milingimbi , Arnhem Land, Northern Territory

Size                44cm x 17cm                


Aboriginal Bark painting on ochre collected 1975.  Artist is Manawila who was born in 1933.  He has the right to paint the creatures that live among the trees and in the water along the shores of Milingimbi Island; all these creatures are his totems. His right to the ownership of these totems is established through his mother, because this is his mother’s country.   Manawila had to earn the right to paint these totems by completing certain ceremonies. Some totems are more important than others. The high totems;marian may not be seen by the uninitiated persons, the low totems;garma; may be seen by all. The actual totem representing these creatures may be made of wood, bark, or feathers, or a combination of all three.

This painting depicts the catfish that swims amongst the roots  of the mangroves .
Manwila 1970s copyright Malcolm Davidson

$140 AUD

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