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Artist: MaganiRainbow Serpent

Artist: Margrinyin
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Artist: Margrinyin

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Location :  West Arnhem Land

Collected : 1966

Malutji who went to the moon

SIZE:31cm x  56cm

This painting depicts a mythical man called Malutji who always wanted to go to the moon and would sit for hours gazing up at the moon.  One evening when it was very still ,Malutji heard a noise behind him and it was a spirit man standing behind him and asked Malutji if he wanted to go to the moon.   Of course he answered yes and so the spirit man took him to the moon.  When he wanted to return Malutji couldn't find the spirit man and has been on the moon ever since.  So now when you look at the moon you can see dark marks which is Malutji waiting for the spirit man to take him home.

$770 AUD

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