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Huon Gulf Turtle Shell Arm bands
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Huon Gulf Turtle Shell Arm bands

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Huon Gulf Turtle Shell Arm bands

This group of armbands comes from Siassi or Tami Island in the Huon Gulf.  The people who make these armbands will use the shell plates from the turtles they catch locally but will also trade for the shell plates.  The plates are first carved and then bent into the form of an armlet.  The bending is done by immersing the shell in hot water and tying it around a cylindrical piece of wood of the same size  as an ordinary arm.  Lime is then sometimes rubbed into the design to highlight the detail. These armbands were collected in the 1950s and have a beautiful soft worn feel to them.

Size: Width 3.75cm, 8cm and 11cm Diameter 8cm

Price First from left  $680 AUD Middle  $310 AUD Right  $570 AUD

Last Updated: Sunday, 18 February 2018 18:17