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Fijian Soke kia or knobbed clubNew Caledonia French convict art; Pearl Shell

19th century Leangle Club
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19th century Leangle Club

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19TH Century South East Australian Aboriginal Leangle

Height: 74cm Width: 5cm,  length of head; 24cm includes metal stand

These Leangle clubs were hand held weapons used in individual combat.  The opponent used a narrow parry shield to deflect the blows.  The long right angle heads however were designed to reach round the sides of the club.  According to Aldo Massola in “ Aborigines of South Eastern Australia: As they were”  These clubs were only used in fighting at close quarters. “ Blows were aimed at the head only-to strike at any other part of the body was thought to be unfair tatics. “  The leangle was considered a very dangerous weapon as the point could be driven into the head of the adversary.



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