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Mornington Island Ceremonial Dance Hat Kwajar
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Mornington Island Ceremonial Dance Hat Kwajar

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Mornington Island Ceremonial Dance Hat Kwajar

Mornington Island, is located in the Gulf of Carpenteria,  West of Cape York.  Compared to other areas in Northern Territory and Queensland, there is little material culture that has been collected.  Synonymous with this area however is the distinctive conical dance hats. These are made by the Lardil people.  Its traditional name is kwajar.  It is made from paperbark, human hair string and emu feathers and colored  pigments.  There are two types of ceremonial dance hats made on the island.  Examples like this, the conical kajawur are worn by dancers who come from the leeward side of the island.  Dancers who come from the windward side however wear a cylindrical shaped  hat 










































































































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