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Early Solomon Island Engraved Necklace
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Early Solomon Island Engraved Necklace

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Early Solomon Island Engraved Necklace

This necklace is  from South Eastern Solomon Islands possibly from Malaita or further south.  The necklace is early 20th century and consists of five old and very worn incised tridacna shell discs on a string of white and red shell money.  Similar examples of just the disc can be seen in the “The James Hooper Collection" by Phelps page 249

The shells on this example are also very fine which is a good indicator of its age. The design is of highly stylised frigate birds, recognisable by their distinctive “m” shaped wings. These birds play an important part in the spirituality of the people.  The frigate bird also signified the arrival of the bonito fish which was an essential food source and another link to the spirit world.  . The islanders would see the frigate birds circling on the horizon when the schools of bonito arrived.   These necklaces were worn by men

Length 32 cm Pendant Diameter 2.5-5cm

$1800 AUD

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