A fine collection of New Guinea Stone Artefacts

A fine collection of 61 stone artefacts – mostly from Papua New Guinea, but also including two exceptional aboriginal cylcons and two clam shell adzes from the Solomons. Collected over a period of 20 years, many of the pieces were obtained from Australian Patrol Officers... Read More

Aboriginal Bark Paintings of Arnhem Land

About twenty years ago there came to Yirrkala, in remote Arnhem Land, a letter addressed to the Aboriginal artist living there, written by Picasso. It said: ‘I admire and envy your art’. Since then the work of Mawalan, Madaman, Nanyin, Birrigidi, Djawa, Dawdi, Malangi,... Read More

Jim Davidson: Collector/Art Dealer

James (Jim) Albert Davidson was born 31st March 1908 at Landybrandt in Orange Free State, South Africa to an Australian father and a South African mother. Jim’s initial schooling with his siblings (2 brothers and 1 sister) was with home tutors. Jim recounted his early childhood... Read More

Narritjin Maymuru and The Possum Tree Myth

Narritjin Maymuru was born in approximately 1912 in Manggalili country, between Caledon Bay and Blue Mud Bay, on the western shores of the Gulf of Carpentaria. In this area he lived until his twenties when he travelled north to Yirrkala, to the newly established mission there.... Read More