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Artist: Jack MadagarlgarlArtist:Philip Gudthkudthay

Artist: Mungurrawuy Yunipingu, The Thunder Spirit
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Artist: Mungurrawuy Yunipingu, The Thunder Spirit

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Artist:       Mungurrawuy Yunipingu (1907-1979)

Title: Designs associated with Birimbira (The Thunder Spirits), 1961
natural earth pigments on eucalyptus bark
Size: Framed 103.5 by 39.0cm (irregular)

Private Collection, Melbourne

Related Work:
The Thunder Spirits (Birimbira), 1961 natural pigments on bark, 150.2 by 60.4cm, Collection of the Art Gallery of New South Wales, illus. in Perkins, H., Art and Soul, The Miegunyah Press, Melbourne, 2010, p.235.

In this painting Mungurrawuy shows the Gumatj ancestors as two black serpents shooting bolts of lightening from their mouths. The triangular shapes at the top and bottom of the painting represent thunderclouds. The different species of marine creatures that emerge after the rain are revealed and the patterns of crosshatched clan designs (miny'tji) surrounding the stingray and the crocodile symbolises the sea.

This is a very early work of Mungarrawuy.


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