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New Guinea Abelam Head DressEarly bark painting by Bininyuwuy

Two stone headed 19th Century New Guinea Clubs
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Two stone headed 19th Century New Guinea Clubs

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Two stone headed 19th Century New Guinea Clubs

These two very old and elegant stone headed clubs come from New Guinea are were part of an old Australian collection collected by C Holland. See early label on clubs. They were predominantly used by the Kukukuku people and in the Papuan Gulf region. These stone headed clubs are two of the earliest and best examples I have owned. The handles have very dark rich patinas from excessive use. The stone disc have been made from non metal tools.

Take note of the very tight weaving only found on early clubs that hold the heads in place. The star shaped club head is  held in place by two different types of weaving. There is remnant of binding that would have once held in place a feather display as seen in this photo taken by Frank Hurley 1921. Note also the detail on the disc club of the black wooden wedge that holds the disc in place. If you compare this with other stone clubs from PNG you will come to the same conclusion that these two are both early exceptional examples.

Size 121-142 cm x 9-11cm at head




































































































































































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